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Songs: 1. Happy Train 2. Voyage du monde 3. Super man 4. Duck tale story 5. Veo Veo 6. Musicante 7. Rock and Roll 8. Fairy tale 9. Club Dance  Music Teodor Hristov,Hristo Namliev, Singers: Yasen Mollov, Dinka Stoyanova, Lora Mollova, Text: TeoHriDia, Yasen Mollov, Vida Angelova, Main Idea by Yasen Mollov and Top Season Entertainment. All rights reserved Top Season ! Producer Yasen Mollov


Text Action Team Club Dance: 


Hello everybody  having lovely holiday

heo heio heyo hey

having sunny funny days, gorgeous holidays 

every day is fun sensation, action team ole vacation 


Action team  makes party now

oleiole ole ola 


Se,  brezzeze,  dance mania , splashes games kidzania 



Smiling fellow in a holiday hey yo heyo hey 

we entertain you body every single day 

fly with us in party world and always be in  perfect mood !


SIrtaki motives


We entertain you so lets go olyo ole 


happy moments won't go  ole y 

you are the stars in our show hali gali oley 

action team won't let you go halli gali ole ola



Action team's performing now 

oley oley ole ola 

sea here start the party fun

oley oley  ole ole ole ola 

you are the stars in our show hali gali lei ola 

Action team won't let you go hali gali ole ola 


Text Yasen Mollov Top Season






Mini Disco Songs + Club Dance Action Team

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